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General Procedure for Running Services:

1 . Every service is available in its corresponding project folder, which contain source code and a ReadMe including the service description and details on how to compile and run it.

2. You must download and copy the whole service into your MSRDS mountpoint.

3. Once extracted, you must run the DSSPROJECTMIGRATION, from a DSSPROMPT, with the specified route of the extracted service. For more information refer to:

4. Now you can open the corresponding Project File in Visual Studio 2008 or 2010. Almost every service is being developed in VS2010 and MSRDS R3.

5. For C# Services, you must ensure that paths are coincident with your specific root, where you extracted at step 3. This paths appear in Build Events, Resources and Reference Paths at Project>Properties in Visual Studio.

Open the <SERVICE>.SLN solution and for every <SERVICE>.CSPROJ project in it make sure that the following DEBUG properties (right-click + properties, debug tab) are set:

a) START EXTERNAL PROGRAM: complete path to DSSHost32.exe
b) COMMAND LINE ARGUMENTS: complete path to the manifest of the project to run
c) Ensure you have the correct working directory, it must be the MSRDS installation folder

6. At the beginning of every <SERVICE>.CSPROJ there are sections referred as Service Setup or Service Properties, make sure that string variables such as LOCALHOST or ROOT are corrected to the updated equivalents in your computer.

7. Make sure that figures such as Maze Textures and/or external files or images used in code do exist and have the correct path. This may imply the need for you to have the store\media\ folders available in downloads.

8. Before running the service make sure you have created (migrated and ran) previously the correspondent dependencies at REFERENCES so that every reference is updated at the BIN in installation folder.

7. You can compile now your service and run it.

As this is my first attempt to start sharing services, please provide feedback of your troubles (if any) for running a service with the provided instructions. Also, don't hesitate if you want to contribute.

Please feel free and enjoy !
Jesús S. Cepeda
eRobots Laboratory

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